Sentinels of Liberty – Homebound is a highly immersive and action-packed virtual reality arcade shooter in which players have to master 10 exotic planets to find their way back home.

Available in Q4 2016 for PC and a virtual reality HMD.

Come and see us in booth #512 at GDC San Francisco!

The story

In the early 22nd century, Earth's population had grown so much that the planet itself could no longer provide enough food for everyone anymore. Slowly, but with much enthusiasm, the first long distance space flights to promising new worlds had started. Within a mere century colonies sprung up 20 different star systems.

In the late 23rd century colonies farthest away from Old Earth lost contact to High Command. While they tried to re-establish contact, it became increasingly clear that there wasn’t any kind of technical problem. Something more important, much bigger had happened.

The outer colonies sent out scout ships, none of which ever made it back. But one day they were sent to planets not farther away than 5 light years. There were reports about huge machines which had taken control of the human colonies. Hybrids of machines and biological entities had enslaved men, women and children, forcing them to work in gigantic mines digging out minerals.

The first attempts to free those slave planets were nothing short of disasters: space ships such as bombers couldn’t even get close to the planets. They were destroyed as they approached. And even the best human cloaking devices weren’t able to hide ships for long.

After more than 10 years full of failed attempts, a small scout ship discovered a possible way to infiltrate the enemy's planetary systems. While fleeing from an alien battleship, the small human scout ship had hidden inside a hollow asteroid… and the battleship had just passed by.

Human scientists immediately thought of ways to use this newly gained knowledge and the first asteroid bombs saw the light of day. Small successes here and there soon led to more sophisticated constructions: cannons embedded in small asteroids. That was the day when mankind started to seriously fight back against the aliens. It was the day of the

Sentinels of Liberty!

Sentinels of Liberty - Homebound

10 planets
10 exotic planets with environments as different as desert, ice worlds, gas giants, and sea worlds.
Various mission types like shoot-them-all, protect-the-base, and others.
Boss fights
HUGE boss fights.
Beautiful environments.
Beautiful and highly detailed environments.
2-button gameplay.
Easy 2-button gameplay.
Immersive gameplay.
Immersive gameplay.
Turret enhancements
Enhance your turret!
Waves of enemies
Waves and waves of enemies!
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